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About Me

Originating from the West Midlands, I graduated in Geology and Physical Education at Liverpool and then moved to London to pursue my post-graduate teaching qualification. I have travelled widely, starting my career in the East end of London, then moving to work in Lima, Peru for 3 years, followed by world travel for a further year through 26 countries.

I have worked in nine schools of all types, from inner city, through rural, City Technology College, Public School and Academies. Originally a Physical Education Teacher, I have held the positions of Head of Geography and Housemaster as well as Head of Physical Education in two schools. More recently, I have held two Deputy Headteacher positions before becoming an academy Principal.

In my role as Principal of KBA, an age 4-19 academy with 1530 students, we have transformed the experience over the last 3 years. I am now proud of the passionate positivity and the highest aspiration displayed by the community; a complete contrast to their past. The academy is now squarely aimed 'beyond Outstanding', emulating and improving upon best UK practice.

I have worked in exceptional schools, however, as a senior leader I have specialised in transforming schools in difficulty, most recently helping to lead Clevedon School from an Inadequate grade 4 through to an Outstanding grade 1. The methodology for transforming Clevedon often entailed making bold innovative decisions, including my introductions of iPads for all, a fully vertical House System and the smartest uniform in the UK.

My view is that education should be focused purely upon excellence, with all decisions being based upon the best solution and never the easiest if this is not the best. I also believe that schools should aim for more fun than either students or staff thought possible. At Clevedon we hosted over 40 schools who visited to see and learn about the exceptional ethos which has grown with the House System. Schools are for learning, of all types. Learning is facilitated through a truly flexible and inclusive curriculum to enable all students to achieve at whatever level represents excellence for them. I have been a senior manager for 15 years and have provided consultancy on many areas across school leadership detailed on my consultancy page.

Building upon the superb quality of independent learning, I led the largest iPad 1:1 project in the UK, the 35th largest deployment in the world. I posted updates on
@iClevedon &, where you can follow the progress of the project.

Over recent years, our family relaxation time was spent cruising the English Channel in our motor cruiser based at Dartmouth in south Devon, with Channel crossings to Brittany and a bottle of wine never far away.

[The header photo above shows our boat (centre!) safely berthed in St. Helier harbour 2010.]