I am currently working full time as an academy Principal and am hence only occasionally providing consultancy. However, if you contact me, I will be happy to provide advice but please be aware that my time will be limited.

I have been actively engaged in providing consultancy for schools upon the introduction of mobile learning technologies and in particular, the introduction of 1:1 iPad schemes and supportive infrastructures, WiFi, Network, etc.

Within this area I have direct experience from strategic vision and associated pedagogy, through to all required tender processes, organising and delivery of parental consultation and information, through to full implementation project planning for a full iPad scheme for all students, staff and governors.


1:1 Technology for Learning
iPad Financing Schemes for Students and Staff
ICT Infrastructure & WiFi Planning
Tender Processes

In addition to this, I have expertise and have provided consultancy for a range of schools over a broad remit of areas, including;

School Visioning
School Improvement Planning
School Structure, Procedures & Systems
OFSTED Preparation

Curriculum Modelling
Timetabling Advice / Support / Creation
Data & Assessment

Staff Costing, Structure & Re-Structure
Financial Cost Saving
Self-Evaluation & Performance Management
Personnel Management
Management Training

Vertical House System Introduction or Development
Community Engagement
Whole School Consistency & Behaviour for Learning

Productivity Systems for Education and for Leadership Teams

Since I have a broad range of experience in most areas of educational leadership at all levels, please ask if there is an area you may be interested in and I will advise you about whether I can offer assistance in that area.

contact me to explore how I may possibly be able to help.